5 Recruiting Tips for the Midsized Business


Whether you’re striving to fill a new position in your company or filling a current position after an employee has moved on, it’s important to you to end up with the best talent in your field. Midsized businesses often find themselves in the position of needing a great deal of talent without knowing how to effectively manage their existing talent pool. If you’re struggling to find the ideal people to fill open positions in your business, check out these five recruiting tips for the midsized business.

1. Keep the hiring process smooth and efficient. You don’t have to snatch up the first candidate you see, but you shouldn’t leave applicants dangling for months, either. Often, even applicants who were specifically interested in your company and everything you have to offer will disappear from the potential pool when the hiring process stretches on for too long. Instead, develop a recruitment and hiring process that is efficient enough to tell you everything you want or need to know about a potential candidate while still filling that open position quickly.

2. Integrate your social media accounts and other online recruitment options into the hiring process. You already use your social media accounts in other aspects of your business, especially when it comes to bringing in customers. Integrating those accounts with your recruiting process will bring fresh talent your way just as efficiently! Utilize social media ads, check out networking sites, and post your open position on job boards. Make sure, however, that you keep track of where each potential applicant found the information about your open job. You don’t want to waste valuable time or funds on a method that simply isn’t working for you! Over time, you’ll also learn not only which recruitment methods bring in the most applicants, but also which ones bring in applicants that are appropriate for the position you have open.

3. Make things easy for new employees. It’s expected that the first day or two in a new job will be filled with paperwork: enrolling in benefits, setting up retirement funds, and filling out all the final hiring data. What if you could streamline this process and make it easier for both you and the new employee? Set up your employee database so that it’s able to pull information from your recruitment database and design forms and other materials that work together to create a more efficient process. You want to get your new hire down to business as soon as possible.

4. Create relevant, customized job postings. Each job you post is unique, and your business is different from any other in the field. Set up your job advertisements to attract the types of candidates that you’re really looking for. For example, if you’re looking for an older, experienced individual to head your accounting department, your ad should be very different from an ad to attract an applicant fresh out of college to work in your marketing department. Personalizing your site to attract these individuals will help ensure that you don’t spend as much time wading through stacks of applications that are completely irrelevant to your business.

5. Make sorting applicants easy on your HR team. If your system is hard to navigate, you’ll find that you lose the perfect applicant because their application is lost somewhere in the endless stack of emails in your HR department’s inbox. By keeping your applicant tracking systems simple, you ensure that HR knows immediately when they see the perfect applicant. That means you can begin the interview process faster.

Surmount HRM has the best in class applicant tracking system to help ensure that you’re able to keep better track of potential applicants than ever before. You’ll know what brought them to you, easily sort the applicants that are best for your business, and more! Interested in learning more? Contact us today.


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