Employee Benefits: It’s A Different World Out There


In today’s modern world, employee benefits are different than they were years ago. It is no longer just about offering health insurance. Employees want more from their employers than just a great HMO or PPO to choose from. Instead, they are looking at such things as community volunteer programs, transportation programs, and much more.

The millennial generation has shown that they are conscious about the world they live in. They want to help with in the community, and they want to be as environmentally friendly as possible. As such, you need to explore programs that are going to allow you to cater to the needs of your new workforce and establish a desirable culture.

Community Volunteer Programs

A number of businesses, small and large, are working on community stewardship. They offer a volunteer opportunities to their employees. This includes a variety of group project such as Habitat for Humanity, roadside trash pickup, and much more. Every community is a little different and you may want to choose a program that makes sense for your culture as well as the industry that you are in. For example, if you are a law office, maybe you want to establish pro bono cases. If you are a restaurant, maybe you want to volunteer at a soup kitchen. Home in on the skills of your staff to make volunteering more successful.

Companies like Google, Target, and others are already participating, and employees look forward to being able to give back to their community in one capacity or another. When it is done through their employer, they can also make friends, and get to know their coworkers more. It also allows you to develop the culture that you are working so hard to create and continue throughout the year.

You may even want to establish a volunteer committee at work where various people from the different departments decide on the volunteer programs that will be offered each quarter.

Transportation Programs

Transportation programs are also becoming more and more common. You may want to offer a carpooling program where people can identify where they live. Rather than everyone taking their own car to work, three or four employees can ride together. This is particularly effective when multiple employees live within the same neighborhood and have similar work schedules.

There are various other fun ways to create sustainable transport options for your employees. Invite them to ride their bikes to work (or even provide bikes for getting around a large work campus), disincentive car driving within the workplace, and establish a culture where people enjoy different styles of transportation that can also help the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

The benefit to employees is that it saves on gas, allows them to help the environment, and also relieves general car maintenance. The benefit to you as an employer is that you make your employees happy, give them an opportunity to improve the environment, and also reduce the amount of vehicles that are in your parking lot. This added space can then be used to have food trucks park, or bring in various incentives periodically that will benefit your team.

Health insurance is still important, but there are other employee benefits that weigh just as heavily on whether a person chooses to work for you, and whether they continue to work for you. Employee turnover can be extremely high, though by embracing a quality employee benefits program and maintaining a fun and innovative culture, you can reduce turnover and ensure that employees love where they work.

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