Construction Insurance

Most companies need to maintain insurance policies to protect the company’s interests, as well as their individual employees. If someone sustains an injury while on the premises, he or she may blame the company. In addition, your customers may hold you responsible for any problems that come about as a result of the work that you did for them.
Construction companies are no exception, and in fact, they are exposed to greater risk than other types of businesses. If your construction company is erecting a commercial or residential building, injuries can be sustained during the construction process. In addition, the cost of such projects can be quite substantial, making the risk just as high if your clients find a problem with your construction.

Property and Liability Insurance for Construction Companies

There are several types of insurance policies that construction companies should have. If you maintain ownership of the property while construction is in progress, you will need property insurance to protect the progress that you have made on the building. You will also need to maintain liability insurance to cover the cost of injuries to others and your employees, including workers’ compensation, should one of your workers get hurt on the job.

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