Gaming Insurance

We Here at Surmount Insurance Services have dedicated Insurance specialist dedicated and experience in the coverages and exposures unique to the gaming industry. We will customize the design of your gaming insurance program to insure that your assets are protected and that you aren’t gambling with exposures that could shut down your operations.

A casino/gaming operation requires special coverage because the high volume of people, services and monetary transactions create unique exposures.

As part of a gaming insurance package, we can include coverage for other operations closely aligned with your gaming business, including hotel insurance, motel insurance, restaurant insurance (Liquor Liability Insurance), daycare centers, gift shops, golf courses and convention centers.

Whether its property, workers compensation, municipal coverage or auto, umbrella or construction policies, we sincerely believe that our gaming insurance programs will give you the relief on your insurance premiums that you deserve. Surmount Insurance Services has the Insurance coverage designed to protect your Investment and day to day operations.