Technology Insurance

As a Tech Company you face unique risks and requires specific Technology Insurance plan to protect your business from financial loss. Technology professional liability insurance is a key element of risk management in the technology industry. Surmount Insurance Services can customize an insurance policy to your exposure and risk.

  • General liability insurance – This policy forms the basis for your technology insurance portfolio. Most of your clients will require a minimum limit for a standard general liability policy.
  • Professional liability and Tech E&O insurance – This endorsement added on to your general liability insurance policy will broaden your coverage’s to provide protection for your professional services exposures.
  • Umbrella insurance – This policy is normally used to cost effectively increase the limits on your underlying coverage’s.

Traditional insurance policies premiums were normally based upon tangible asset values. The tech professional’s assets which are primarily intangible can be in the areas of valuable data, software, and intellectual property. Since cyber-risk and tech-risk is still an emerging industry the insurance products that are available for this industry is also in an innovative and emerging status.

These are some of the most common insurance terms that are used in providing insurance coverage for a tech insurance professional:

  • Cyber liability Insurance
  • Cyber-property Insurance
  • Media and intellectual property liability Insurance.
  • Technology E&O Insurance.
  • Intellectual property Insurance