Our services are not limited to the U.S. territory! We have expanded into Mexico to satisfy our client’s needs abroad. Please let your representative know if you have any questions.

Personal Lines

As an experience broker, we focus in providing real expertise in each sector that we work and even though we have access to a vast majority of Insurance Markets, we have made a business decision to provide our clients with products suitable to their insurance needs.

In addition, we have aimed our efforts to certain niches areas, where we have been able to develop tailor made online insurance solutions for our clients.

Protect your financial investment against disasters with an adequate insurance coverage, either for your home, condo or your belongings when renting a property any where in the Republic of Mexico.

Obtain personal or commercial auto insurance for Mexican plated vehicles or trucks within the Republic of Mexico; our products are designed to properly meet our clients’ needs.
We offer coverage for Mexican plated vehicles or trucks entering the US either for pleasure or business. This coverage provides only liability insurance.
Obtain auto insurance for USA or Canadian vehicles, SUV’s, RV’s or Motorcycles when visiting Mexico. Coverage is available for one day up to a year and can be customize depending our client’s needs.
We can provide hull and Liability Insurance for both; Mexican and US register aircrafts. For US register aircrafts we have an online solution to obtain the required liability insurance requested from the Mexican authorities.

We can provide hull and Liability Insurance for both; Mexican and US register boats and yachts. For US register boats and yachts we have an online solution to obtain the required liability insurance requested from the Mexican authorities.

Commercial Lines

With the free trade agreement (NAFTA) in full force, we’ve seen a substantial increase of foreign investment from the US and Canada into Mexico; this in addition to the traditional investments from Europe and the Far East (Japan, Korea and China).

Our commercial lines department has the knowledge and expertise (of more than 25 years) to help your client’s needs with local admitted Mexican insurance for operations like: manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, hospitality, contractors, transportation, commercial auto, etc. We can arrange insurance for a single/specific project in Mexico to a full/complete manufacturing or course of construction operation. Also we have several markets for inter-country transportation of goods between the USA and Mexico.

Package policies for risks with physical locations in Mexico. Coverage includes All Risk (Mexican form) and Catastrophic Perils (Wind/Flood/Earthquake) available in all parts of Mexico. We can also obtain Business Interruption/Time Element coverage for either the Mexican entity, as well as the US/Foreign parent company (Contingent BI).

Liability coverage for damages to Third Parties in Mexico (Mexican jurisdiction). Coverage includes Premises/Operations, Products/Completed Operations, Tenant’s/Fire Legal, etc. Other products available are: Excess auto liability, Pollution liability, Passenger liability, Professional liability, E&O, D&O and Liability with Worldwide jurisdiction (for suits outside Mexico).
Insurance for shipments (by air, land or water) to & from Mexico. Coverage can be provided by individual trip policies or annual policies subject to forecast/audit. Stand-alone transit policies are available, without any other supporting line of business.
Includes coverage for: Course of Construction (COC/CAR), Contractors/Mobile equipment, Machinery & Equipment Installation, Boiler & Machinery Breakdown, EDP/Electronic equipment, Luminous signs & Glass breakage.
Crime exposures in Mexico can be covered with the following: Burglary, Money, Electronic Fraud, & Securities and Employee dishonesty.

Coverage for commercial vehicles in Mexico, either with foreign license plates (Tourist Auto) or with Mexican license plates (Resident auto). Blanket and fleet policies are available. We can also cover auto liability for commercial Mexican vehicles that cross into the USA (Non-Resident auto).


We work with our clients to obtain the best possible terms and conditions for the guaranties needed to place a Bond in Mexico, considering that they will not have fixed assets in Mexico, we handle the following type of Bonds:
  • Bid for Contracts
  • Upfront/down payment received for a Contract
  • Completion of works
  • Hidden Vices and Good Quality
  • Lease of property
  • Fiscal
  • Fidelity
  • Bond specified on a contract


Major Medical Insurance
In Mexico all medical expenses are covered as long as the expense exceeds the deductible indicated on the policy, therefore we work with our clients to design a policy that goes in accordance with their particular needs for Group and Individual programs. We have Individual/Family Major Medical Expenses policies which have among other particularities, access to all hospitals in Mexico, coverage for emergencies when traveling outside Mexico, no deductible for accidents, etc. For Group Medical we customize every policy to our clients conditions, considering population, location, and level of services needed. There are several different programs that provide coverage anywhere in Mexico and emergencies while traveling abroad. We work with major carriers, which have special programs for groups and individuals.

  • Personal Accidents policies which include medical coverage, disability and death as a consequence of an accident, at a very reasonable price
  • Travel Insurance, for groups or individual.
  • Funeral Expenses

Life Insurance
For Group Life policies as with Medical programs we will work with you build a program that contains the best terms and conditions for your corporation. Our Individual Life Programs have all the options you need in order obtain the policy that suits your needs, such as:

  • Term life policies
  • Pension Plans
  • Policies to guaranty credits

Loss Control

We can assist you with local claims handling. Claim procedures in Mexico are different than in the USA, therefore we can help you with all the paper work and the filing process with the insurance company and/or adjuster.
We can design a loss control program according to our Insured needs, in addition to physical inspections to locations in Mexico including Risk Management recommendations. We also have logistic procedures for inland transit exposures.