Your HR Fall To-Do List

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Fall is one of the biggest times of year for the HR departments in many companies. Open enrollment has started, benefits are changing, and law changes go into effect. If you’re struggling to get everything lined up and remember all the important things on your schedule, check out this HR fall to-do list to get you started.

Make sure you’re ready for open enrollment. Do you have all the information that your employees will need? This is the time when they can make changes to their insurance, add eligible family members, or choose to drop coverage. You’ll need to be prepared to make changes, renew existing insurance, and get your employees squared away so that all of their changes take effect on time.

Communicate with your employees about unused vacation time. If your company has a policy in place that requires employees to use vacation time or forfeit it at the end of the year, you need to look into all of your employee records and make sure that everyone knows how much of that vacation time they need to use. You’ll also need to make sure that everyone is prepared to deal with issues that may arise while employees are taking that time off. Make sure that every employee understands the company policy concerning time off. Does the company offer a payout for unused time at the end of the year? Roll over only a certain number of days for the next year? Communicate the policy clearly to each employee, then provide them with access to the number of hours off they have remaining.

Discuss inclement weather policies with all employees. Fall is a gorgeous time of year throughout most of the United States. Winter, however, brings a number of unique weather challenges. How will your employees know whether or not the business is closed? What is your policy concerning the need for employees to come into work when snow and ice threaten the safety of the roads? If you do require employees to make it into work in spite of bad conditions, are there incentives or help in place for them to do so? Make sure that these policies are clear long before you’ll actually need to use them.

Prepare Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting. Is your business required to provide documentation about your employees’ health care under the statutes of the Affordable Care Act? If so, now is the time to start gathering that information so that you won’t be scrambling to come up with it all at the end of the year.

Look into the impact of overtime law changes. The salary limits for employees who are ineligible for overtime will be changing in 2016, and you’re responsible for ensuring that your company is compliant. Look into employees who could potentially be affected by these law changes. You’ll need to either raise their salary to compensate or start offering them overtime, so make sure that you consider these legal changes carefully.

Pay attention to mandatory leave. Depending on your state, you may be required to offer voting or school activities leave for your employees. Make sure that you’re clear on your legal responsibilities and that you provide your employees with the time off they need in order to participate in these activities. Communicate with your employees on these subjects so that they know what time they have available.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the tasks on your plate this fall, you’re not alone! Need help handling those important HR tasks or streamlining the process for your company? Contact us today to learn how we can help your company.


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