Your Need for a Time and Attendance System

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Advantages of a Time and Attendance System:

The time and attendance system is at the core of human resources management in any company, even small businesses. An accurate and unquestioned system for keeping track of time improves your profits by reducing lost work time, improves employee morale because employees are confident that are being accurately remunerated for their work, and makes compliance to employment standards seamless and easy.

A fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business management system includes modules for accounting, HR units like payroll management, product planning, sales management, inventory management, and manufacturing modules. A comprehensive time and attendance module integrated into the system is a vital element.

The automated time and attendance system reduces the clerical and record-keeping duties of your human resources staff, freeing them for more value-added activities.

An Auditable System:

The workplace relies on stated and unstated contracts between owner and employee. The automated time and attendance system provides un-modifiable, secure documentation of attendance. A modern  time and attendance system, integrated with a broad human resources management system allows employees to clock in from terminals or computers anywhere in your facility.

Once the employee clocks in, the reading can not be modified. Attendance records are date stamped and stored so they can be accurately audited. Management always has the assurance that the records are complete.

Complete Information Collection and Recording:

Accurate Bedford Factor scores can be continuously calculated to monitor patterns of absenteeism. This can be a great aid to the supervision of employees, since the documentation can not be disputed.

Moreover, automatic adjustments can be made to compensate for individuals who have disabilities and special needs to assure compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act.

User-Friendly Clock-In:

Virtual terminals can simulate conventional clock-systems, using a convenient graphical interface with which employees feel comfortable. Since the interface is software-based, not clock-in machines, it can be very flexible, allowing employees to monitor themselves in their individual dashboards, getting updates in real-time regarding their hours, details about their pay, and other noted features of their employment. Employees will never have to ask how much paid time off they have. The system will provide continuous information when the employee logs in to his or her account. Security features of the automated system mean that only authorized personnel can enter the system to add information or edit entries.

Time and attendance systems often include entry access control modules that can greatly improve security. Swipe card or biometric devices sense and record entry to certain facility areas, so that employee movement within the facility can be monitored.

A fully automated system’s output identifies employees with photographs. It may even enable the design and orienting photo-identification tags and badges to fit into a common design scheme. The Human Resources Department receives continuously updated reports of attendance, hours worked, overtime, calculation of flextime to be allotted, holiday allotments and other benefits, incorporating all relevant employment data like length of service.

Shift and Employee Availability Planning:

The system also handles shift patterns and output shift rotations and rosters graphically to make planning easier. Shift changes can be easily programmed into the system so hand calculation and assignment slotting would be minimized or eliminated. The company would always know its labor compliment for each shift.

The system greatly simplifies supervision, recognizing exceptional book-ins. It will recognize when clocking activities are outside of normal, or when clock-ins are missed. It will indicate whether employees show more or fewer hours than expected. It can detect lateness or patterns of unplanned attendance. The record will speak for itself as an authoritative source.

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